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Wood Cleaner for Kitchen Cabinet

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinet: Wood Cleaner

There are many types of kitchen cabinet. Some people like it made from plastic, some other from metal, and the rest from wood. In order to make it more interesting in design, some others prefer the combination from those basic materials. Since it is located in the kitchen, the cabinets is easier to get dirty than other cabinets out of the kitchen. The food particles, grease, and smoke circulate in the kitchen because there is where those ingredients mostly located. Sometimes, cleaning kitchen cabinet which is made of wood needs special treatment. Although, other basic materials have their own special characters which need special treatment too.

What is the solution of cleaning kitchen cabinet?

In the case of cleaning kitchen cabinet which is made of wood, there is a special mixture to clean those wooden cabinets. Liquid for washing dishes is well known as soft cleaner substance. It contains less toxic which may harm both the body of user and the dishes. That is why; this is the main ingredients to make paste before be added by baking soda. The liquid may remove grease and baking soda does the rest of the job. Baking soda can clean, remove stain, and remove bad odor.

Steps to start cleaning kitchen cabinet are actually so simple. Use a cloth to blot the dirty area. Do not do this step randomly. Put the cloth from the outer side of the dirt and gradually move it to the center to prevent the dirt spreads to other area. Afterward, the use of old tooth brush to scrub the paste lightly on the blotted surface. Then, rinse it with water after 5 to 10 minutes later.

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinet can be shiny too!

After those steps of cleaning are done, it is optional for the owner to make it shiny although the cabinet is made of wood. The solution of vinegar and water is the answer. Those cabinets may look glossy and attractive. Besides, this solution is also able remove the left bad smell from food residue. Yet, there is a caution to be aware of. Since baking soda is chemically included to acid substance, the application of it should be very careful and prevent applying this substance on metal-made surface. Its abrasive properties may make the metal cabinet looks worse in rust.

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