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Painting Plaster Walls in your New House

What is Painting Plaster Walls?

Wall is one of the important element of house furniture which you need to put concern with the color and ornament of it. However, most people do not give much attention to it and only think about it when trouble comes. Interior walls should give the sense of privacy and separation. As an addition, interior walls can also functions as sound barriers and additional fire resistance of your house. Two common forms of interior wall materials are plaster and drywall. In this article we will provide you some detailed information about plaster wall and some techniques in painting plaster walls in your new house.

Material and Techniques

The first thing you need to know about plaster wall is the base material of it. Gypsum plaster is the most common material used for interior wall which have been used for centuries during the development of house architecture. A plaster wall is usually build thicker to be functioned as air barrier and sound barrier between rooms. Basically, there are three-coat process which should be followed to create plaster wall. To begin, lath must be placed to the framing. After the lath placed, the plaster compound must be mixed. Certain amount of experience and ability is needed in order to create the perfect result of plaster wall application. After the mixture made, you can start to apply it to the wall. The following discussion describes the techniques and tips in painting plaster walls in your new house. 

Painting Plaster Walls

The first thing to do is selecting the colors and the shade of the color palette which you like. Recommended material in painting plaster wall is a good quality low sheen acrylic paint since it is easy to clean. Then dust the wall with soft broom, apply one coat of sealer binder with turpentine into the surface of the plaster. Consider the way you paint it, make sure that you roll the paint from top to bottom to have tidy result of painting. If you are done with the paint, put light sand paper into the wall from top to bottom to make the surface smooth. Then if you find any holes on the wall, pick filler product to fill the holes. Apply it on the wall, let it dry then put a small amount of acrylic undercoat. 

After you have done will all the basic techniques, it is time for you to apply the color that you have chosen. 
Do not forget to put masking tape on the areas which are not to be colored, or cover it with plastic and sheet. As you apply the first coat in up to bottom movement, do the same technique for the painting process. Repeat the process until you have finished painting the house. 

Video of Painting Plaster Walls

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