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How to Fix Plaster Walls Easily

Fixing Plaster Walls in Our House
If your house walls used plasters, you need to know the ways on how to fix it easily. Plaster walls are favorite choice for Unites States people until the 1950s. This kind of walls was known of its advantage which are seamless and very good resistant to mold and fire besides its noise deadening characteristic. In certain time, plaster walls could crack, buckle, or pop loose. Yet, what could you do if you want to fix damage plaster walls easily to make your room more beautiful?
These 6 steps on how to fix your plaster walls easily.
Drill the Plaster Walls
Use a 3/6-inch masonry bit and drill a hole about 2 inches from your plaster walls crack. Hit a strip of lath when your drill every hole. Make the holes on the both sides of the cracks.
Prime and Seal the Plaster Walls
Spray one or two squeezes of acrylic conditioner into each hole that you made before. You also need to spray the edges of the cracks as well as clean the drips with a wet sponge. Wait 10 minutes so that the liquid soaks plaster and wood. Don’t forget to put on safety goggles and disposable gloves.
Inject the Adhesive on the Plaster Walls
Squeeze the adhesive tube that the substance fills into the each hole you made. Scrape off the excess and wipe around the scrapped area with a wet sponge.  
Clamp the Wall
Screw a 2-inch plastic washer into one of the holes which has been filled in by adhesive holes. Plant the plastic washers about 8 up to 12 inches apart on both sides of the crack.
Wipe and Wait
Wipe the excess of the adhesive with a wet sponge. Then, wait a day until two days to make it well. Scrape off the washers and any dried adhesive that pop out from the holes.
Fill the Crack on the Plaster Walls

Get ready your joint compound mixture to fill the cracks and holes in your plaster walls. Apply the mixture several times as smooth it with a trowel. When the compound has been hardened well and smooth, you are ready to prime and paint your wall.  

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